About Us


The company was launched by our director Mr. Javed Aftab. He has not only led BlissAgro to reach such a prestigious platform but also aims to grow more with time.

With dedication and teamwork, our company has reached the next level of success. We are the second best premium home companies in India.

Our Company

Who We Are

Global Presence

BlissAgro has always aimed to work towards rapid growth and development. With many projects in hand, we have special expertise in launching multiple farmhouse projects. These are not just affordable but also located at the selected, serene locations in Maharashtra in India.


We have always aimed to help people in reaching their dream house. Working for 10 years, our projects speak for ourselves. We have also sponsored various shows, events, and parties where we carved our name out there.

BlissAgro has also participated in various exhibitions across the country in the Middle East, and became a verified company in many regional newspapers of India.


Our company has always aimed for growth and development. We cater to our client needs with the best possible outcomes.


Starting from our projects in Pali, we are now all ready to reach Lonavala. Our success drives us to achieve more. Now you can invest in the most amazing locations and spend quality family time with your family.


We plan and create something that suits all people’s needs. You can also get the Bliss Holiday Homes at min 4000 square feet in Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Jawahar, Malshej Ghat among the reputed resorts.


If you are looking for a short trip from Mumbai or Pune, we are all you need!

Our Vision

Our company works on three principles-

  • Loyalty- We provide loyalty to our customers and promise to give authentic properties and housing.
  • Verified work- We work across multiple projects with just one say- it should be verified! You can be rest assured.
  • Luxury at ease- Our company provides the best facilities and more at the most promising rates.

Our Mission

BlissAgro works towards making luxury affordable. Our properties are not just another land you bought, but a perfect blend of luxurious lifestyle with easy on pocket money.